Schedule a tour of Workantile with the above button. A member will show you around the space and answer any questions you have about the community. Drop-in tours are also available from 10am-4pm any business day. Knock on the door and a member will assist you!

Please note that our conference and phone rooms are for member use only and are not available for outside rental to non-members. Learn more about becoming a member.

Our address is:
118 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Or email us at with questions.


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Mission For Our Membership

The Workantile community is here to support the work and social needs of independent workers in the Ann Arbor area. We maintain the coworking space in service of that community.

Mission For Coworking

Workantile strives to create an open and reproducible model for those who wish to start their own coworking communities. We do this by being transparent about our history, technology, finances, and structure.

Mission For Ann Arbor

Workantile is a vital and unique member of the downtown business community. By bringing professionals downtown we help support local businesses, and by opening our space up to community events we support local organizations whose missions interest our membership.


For the moment Workantile is operated by “Coworking Society, LLC” — a limited-liability company composed of three founding members of Workantile — but it is run as a purely social venture. The owners expect no direct profit from the venture, and all owners are also dues-paying members. All members of the Workantile community contribute towards both the physical and financial upkeep of the shared space and the enrichment of the community. In addition to paying monthly dues, members agree to do one or more socially useful tasks, such as stocking the drink fridge, sending out a newsletter, or organizing a social lunch. All excess funds earned through membership dues are placed into an operating fund. Once the operating fund reaches a predetermined level, the excess will be used to pay back the substantial personal investments made by Workantile’s creators when they started the community in 2009.

Our Membership

The professions and backgrounds of the Workantile membership is incredibly diverse and primarily includes remote employees and established self-employed workers. We currently have just under 70 members. Two-thirds are full time members, the remaining are affiliate members. We have capacity for about 100 total members.