Schedule a tour of Workantile with the above button. A member will show you around the space and answer any questions you have about the community. Drop-in tours are also available from 10am-4pm any business day. Knock on the door and a member will assist you!

Please note that our conference and phone rooms are for member use only and are not available for outside rental to non-members. Learn more about becoming a member.

Our address is:
118 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Or email us at with questions.


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Becoming A Member Of Workantile

What an exciting time! You’re interested in becoming a member at Workantile. Here are some notes on how the process works.

1. Come Take A Tour and Enjoy a Free Day

Between 10am and 4pm you can pop into Workantile and receive a personal tour and free day pass. You’re then welcome to stay the day or come back another time to work free for a day. To schedule an alternate time just email

2. Start Your Trial Membership

Provided that you liked your free day, the next step in joining the community is the trial membership. The trial membership costs $50 and is an opportunity for you to get to know Workantile and for Workantile to get to know you over the course of about five working days. These can be in one week, or spread out as needed. Come in and do your work, but don’t forget to introduce yourself to your fellow coworkers. Building a friendly, diverse, and social community is a huge part of what Workantile is about, so if you’re nose-deep in your work the entire day we’ll be missing out on what you have to offer.

3. Attend Wednesday Social Lunch

We have a great social lunch every Wednesday—which, incidentally, is a great way to quickly meet many members. We’ve had chili cook-offs and soup bars. One week we made Sushi. No one fell ill in the aftermath! How cool is that?

4. Get Endorsed

At the end of your trial membership, in order to join as a member, you’ll need to seek signatures from three Workantile members who will vouch for you (you’ll receive a Trail Member card, which has spaces for signatures, when you begin your visit). See why you need to be social?

Provided that your endorsements work out, you’ll be invited to join.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’ve had a tour, completed your free day, and are ready to start your trial membership click here to submit the $50 fee.